The world of Azer was changed forever by a magical Cataclysm. The Cataclysm flooded most of the land mass of the planet, leaving only islands adrift in a near-infinite ocean for the denizens of the world to cling to.

Azer was once a mundane world where technology was earned through science and mechanics, but since the Cataclysm Magic has held sway throughout the lands.

Shortly after the Cataclysm it was realized that the Great Ocean was not safe to travel on. Terrors unheard of now swim the currents between the islands, and even the mighty warships of old proved unable to make even the shortest journeys over the salty seas.

The various Races of Azer that survived the Cataclysm quickly began the grim work of claiming whatever land they could. Many of the smaller islands became embroiled in bloody struggles between Races until only one would remain to claim dominion over the land.

This process has led to most islands being inhabited by only one or two races, and Xenophobia weighs heavy on the world. For many hundreds of years this remained true, until 130 years ago, when the First Gate was opened.

The Elves found the secret of the Gates, and opened the First at great cost to themselves. The mysteries contained within changed the world forever, but just what those changes mean remains to be seen.

The Gates now connect many of the islands together again for the first time in centuries. With the first opening came a terrible war, the Gates War. By the end the populations of all Races were badly reduced and a general Truce was called for. Most of the Races complied, and those that did not were expelled from the largest island, Azeria. Now the Races who would not cease the fighting dwell on lesser islands, and some are rumored to now live in Gate Worlds. A tenuous and weary peace now rules over Azeria, but danger is never far away. The Races of Azer seek answers about the Gates, about the Cataclysm, and about their collective futures.

Is there some force behind the last centuries of pain and strife on Azer? Are the new prophecies the stuff of divinity or the ravings of [[Gate-Crazed]] madmen? Is there a Fourteenth Gate, and if there is, what fate lies beyond it?

The Fourteenth Gate